Paris HEMA Open Wrestling rules

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Paris HEMA Open Wrestling rules

Inläggav Alexander » tor apr 30, 2015 8:11 pm

Hi guys,

For the second time, my club is organizing an HEMA competition in Paris next June. This year we have included sword and buckler, rapier and wrestling on top of longsword. It's a two day event, so on can do longsword (sunday 07.06) and one other competition (saturday 06.06).

The event's page: ... =bookmarks

I am keen on having your opinion on the ringen ruleset I came up with (feel free to mark up or comment in the document) and see if you'd like to come and join the fun: ... -v1-3.docx

Feel free to push guys of your acquaintance to come and wrestle and/or fence .


Re: Paris HEMA Open Wrestling rules

Inläggav Magnus » lör maj 02, 2015 2:20 pm

Hi Alexander,

I was originally planning to come to participate at least in the longsword competition, but unfortunately other things have come in between. I really hope it will be a great event and that I will be able to come next year instead.

I like your wrestling rules and that you, as well as us, encourage standing wrestling to favour techniques that are more common in the manuals. At Vasaslaget this year we went even further and did not give any points for ground control at all (but for standing up first if both wrestlers went to the ground). We haven't evaluated if that was good or bad, but it did indeed reduce the amount of ground play. I like your rule giving 1 point to the wrestler who initiated the throw (and followed to the ground) if both got up at approximately the same time. I think 3-minute rounds might be a little long. I even think the 2-minute rounds we've been having might be a bit long. For the future I will suggest that we consider 3x90 seconds instead of 3x120 seconds. But it will be great to hear how it works. Perhaps the 60 second break will make it work.
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