Zornhau Ort (8/10, 11/10)

Zornhau Ort (8/10, 11/10)

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This year the plan is to publish new techniques before classes (preferably more than a few hours before in the future). There are also a few concepts in the beginning of the Ringeck manuscript (http://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Sigmund_ain_Ringeck) that we have not gone through together - I will bring them up later on, but feel free to read them yourself.

[16] This is the Zornhau with its plays
Whoever cuts over you,
 The Zornhau Ort threatens him.

Gloss. Understand it thusly: When one cleaves-in above from his right side, so also cleave-in a Zornhau with him, with the long edge strongly from your right shoulder. If he is then soft upon the sword, so shoot-in the point forward long to his face and threaten to stab him.
[17] Again a play from the Zornhau
If he becomes aware of it,
 So take-away above without going.

Gloss. This is when you shoot-in the point with the Zornhau: if he then becomes aware of the point and parries the thrust with strength, so move-away your sword up above from his and cleave-in again above to the other side on his sword to his head. ("Abnehmen" or "oben ab genomen")
[18] Again a play from the Zornhau
Be strong against
 And thrust. If he sees it, take it down

Gloss. Note, this is when you cleave-in with the Zornhau: if he parries it, and with that remains strongly upon the sword, so again be strong against him upon the sword, and drive up with the strong of your sword into the weak of his sword, and wind your hilt forward in front of your head upon the sword, and so thrust him high to the face.
[19] Again a play from the wrath-cut
When you thrust-in high with the winding, if he then goes up with the hands and parries the high thrust with the hilt, so also remain standing in the winding and set the point down between his arms and the chest.
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