Schedule Vasaslaget 2019

There can still be changes to the schedule. There will be an area for sparring during the whole event, but the size of it will vary depending on, e.g., the space required for workshops etc. The duelling competition will be

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Årsmöte 7/6

UHFS medlemmar kallas härmed till årsmöte söndagen den 7/6 kl 19, i samband med ordinarie träning på Fyrishov. Eventuella motioner skall vara styrelsen till handa senast en vecka före stämman, dvs 31/5. Välkomna! Styrelsen gm Ingela

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Wretling Rules Swordfish 2015

The present rule-set intends to create a competitive environment marked by sportsmanship, historically correct wrestling, safety and fun. The competition will be run with pools followed by fights for third place and finals. The minimum number of participants in a

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