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Schedule Vasaslaget 2015

There can still be minor changes to the schedule. Time Hall E Hall G Hall G Friday 18.00-19.00 – Registration 19.00-21.00 – Sparring/Training for judges and referees Workshop sword & buckler, Thomas Nyzell 21.00-22.00 – Sparring/Training for judges and referees

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Vasaslaget 2015

Vasaslaget is a Swedish HEMA-event that primarily caters to the Scandinavian/Nordic HEMA-scene but of course also welcomes participants from all over the world! 2015 the event will be held 6-8 of March (leaving some time for recovery for contenders in

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Wretling Rules Swordfish 2015

The present rule-set intends to create a competitive environment marked by sportsmanship, historically correct wrestling, safety and fun. The competition will be run with pools followed by fights for third place and finals. The minimum number of participants in a

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Vasaslaget 2014 – finished

We are very happy with Vasaslaget this year and would like to thank everyone who has been involved in one way or another, ranging from planning to assisting in the tournaments and holding workshops etc. We will post information about

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Registrations to Vasaslaget 2014

This list of registered participants is hopefully accurate, but might not be fully correct.   Magnus Lundborg Pontus Vigur Jens Träff Olle Janson Niklas Forsbacka Christofer Janssen staffan sannemalm Serafina Runacres Henrik Persson Einar Hellvik Malin Antonsson Marius Rafoshei Niklas

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Lines of Communication During Tournaments

These instructions were written by the workgroup for the Nordic Historical Fencing League; Petter Vegsund Brodin, Carl Ryrberg, Matias Parmala and Martin Krøis Holtmann and were provided by Petter Vegsund Brodin. They will be used for the competitions during Vasaslaget.

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Tournament Staff

If you are on this list read the instructions carefully and ask us if you wonder about anything. If you are assigned a role that you are not happy with please contact us and we will try to fix that.

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Instructions for Tournament Staff

Dress code All tournament staff is expected to look representative and proper. We kindly ask everyone to wear black trousers or skirt and a white shirt or blouse, preferably also a black vest and a black tie or bow-tie. We

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Tournament Pools

Pools were randomized until there were no more than two people from the same club in one pool. There have been some rearranging afterwards to cope with cancellations and replacements. Longsword Pool 1: Jens Träff, Örebro HEMA Robin Linander, Stockholms

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Vasaslaget 2014 Sword & buckler rules

General regulations The competition is open for everyone over the age of 18 Matches will be fought to 5 exchanges, or to the duration of 2 minutes. If there are exchanges left 20 seconds from the end the timekeeper yells

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