Schedule Vasaslaget 2018

There can still be changes to the schedule. There will be an area for sparring during the whole event, but the size of it will vary depending on, e.g., the space required for workshops etc.

Staff should be on site and ready 15 minutes before a tournament starts. Fencers should be ready for gear check 10 minutes before a tournament starts.

Time Location: Gamlishallen, Gamla Uppsala
18.00-19.00 Registration for tournament fencers (can also be done by email). Fee repayment for staff.
19.00-21.00 Workshop Smallsword, Ola Lindén.
21.00-22.30 Preparing for tournaments.
8.30-10.30 Sword & buckler tournament
10.45-12.15 Rapier tournament
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-17.00 Longsword tournament
17.30-19.30 SvHEMAF annual meeting
20.00- Dinner in town
9.00-11.00 Workshop Montante, Linus Eriksson and Rickard Vesterberg
11.00-13.00 Workshop Longsword, Thomas Nyzell / Workshop Longsword, Jack Berggren Elers
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Cleaning and leaving

Workshop descriptions:

Ola Lindén (Örebro HEMA) – Smallsword: <TBA>

Required equipment: Bring fencing mask if you have. The class will end with sparring for those who have enough equipment for it. There will be smallswords to borrow, but if you have a sport fencing foil or épées please bring them.

Linus Eriksson and Rickard Vesterberg (Uppsala historiska fäktskola) – Montante: <TBA>

Required equipment:

Thomas Nyzell (Uppsala historiska fäktskola) – Longsword: Cutting with a sharp sword (advanced level)

Pre-registry required. To sign up for Thomas Nyzell‘s workshop on cutting contact him by message on Facebook or by e-mail. Contact any of the organizers if you need his e-mail address. The workshop will take a maximum of 12 people. The workshop is aimed at experienced fencers. There will be tatami mats for sale for 70 SEK. When applying specify how many mats you want since they need to be prepared beforehand.

Required equipment: Mats for cutting must be bought separately on site.

Jack Berggren Elers (Stockholmspolisens idrottsförening fäktning) – Longsword: <TBA>

Required equipment:

Tournament schedule

Vasaslaget 2018 will be a Swiss-system tournament. In the first round fencers will be randomly paired, trying to avoid bouts between competitors from the same club. In subsequent rounds competitors will be sorted according to performance to meet another competitor with the same score or as similar score as possible. Exceptions can be made to avoid that competitors meet each other more than once. In longsword there will be six rounds, whereas in sword & buckler and rapier there will be five rounds. Thereafter the top 4 fencers will meet in semi finals and finals (including match for third place).

This means there are no times when pools start. After each round of fights everyone will be assigned a new opponent and must be ready to fence.


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