Vasaslaget 2019

Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola is arranging Vasaslaget again. The base price of the event will be 300 SEK (if participating in workshops, sparring or competitions). In addition, the longword, single rapier and sword & buckler competitions will cost an additional 350 SEK, and the Messer competition will cost 250 SEK. Competition staff (judges, secretariat and refs) will get a 100 SEK discount for each tournament they assist in. The duel competition (presented below) is included in the base price.

The workshops this year will be on Sunday and the classes will be:
Andreas Markehed – Longsword
Björn Rugstad – Dagger
Carl Ryrberg – Longsword
Damian Matuszewski – Sabre
Henrik Persson – Sword & buckler
Mattias Andersson – Rapier
Thomas Nyzell – Cutting (for experienced attendants)

Now for some information about the competitions at Vasaslaget 2019. According to Swedish law all participants must be at least 18 years of age and everyone who is training in a Swedish club must have a competition license from Svenska budo & kampsportsförbundet. Foreign participants must train in a HEMA club. Remember to follow the equipment regulations of Svenska HEMA-förbundet. The competitions will all run on Saturday (9/3). There will be four standard tournaments, namely longsword (for ”beginners”), sword & buckler (open), single rapier (open) and Messer (open, bring your own sword). The longsword tournament will have 36 spots and is open for everyone who has not placed top 8 (usually reached quarter finals) in a competition with more than 20 participants the last three years. Women’s competitions are not counted – we want female participants to get the chance to get more varied opponents. The sword & buckler and single rapier will have 24 spots each, whereas the Messer will have 12 spots. These competitions will be run in a Swiss format, to get as many interesting matches as possible, followed by semi finals and finals. The longsword Swiss competition is planned to run in two separate halves to reduce waiting times, where the results are merged to get a ranking of the fencers. Like last year we will run three 8×4 m mats with one referee/main judge and one assisting judge on each mat, along with a secretariat.

The overall rules will be the same for the four main competitions and are inspired by Thomas Nyzell’s sword & buckler rules from Vasaslaget 2014 and IGX 2018. Details in the rules are still subject to change. Each fencer will start with 6 points. When a fencer is hit they will lose points (instead of gaining points when hitting). There will be a 2-1 point system without subtraction. A match will end when one (or both) fencer(s) reaches 0 points without any time limit. If the referee thinks there is no attempt to attack for an extended period of time (a guide line is one minute, but is up to the referee) the fencers will be penalised with a 2-2 double hit – after a verbal warning during the exchange. At the end of the match 1 extra point will be awarded to both fencers if no double hits have been recorded. The points from each match will be recorded as match points and used for ranking. More detailed rules will be published later.

In addition, there will be a duel competition running on Saturday. Anyone who is eligible to compete (over 18, with gear meeting the requirements and having a competition license, if training in a Swedish club) are allowed to participate in this competition. In this competition you issue a challenge to anyone (in the competition – or not yet in the competition) and the participants agree on a set of weapons. We strongly recommend to use the same kinds of weapons, but if both participants, and the referee for the match, agree to fence with different sets of weapons there are no rules against it. There will be a strong suggestion, but not a strict rule, not to fence the same opponent with the same set of weapons without at least one match with a different set of weapons in between. There will be one referee for the match, who will also do a quick gear check. The fencers must find a volunteer referee on their own, preferably an experienced fencer. The duel will stop at the first valid hit. The winner will be the fencer who was not hit – both fencers can lose if there is a double hit or a valid afterblow. Two out of three people (the two fencers and the referee) must agree that the hit was valid. There will be a secretariat recording the results. These matches will not be fought on mats – only a designated area marked by tape. Therefore throwing, lifting, pushing or tripping will not be allowed. The plan is to select three winners at the end of the competition: the one with most wins, the one with most fenced matches and the one with the best win/loss ratio (having fenced at least as many matches as the median number of matches fenced). These duels will be considered self judged and will not be entered into the HEMA tournament rating.


Sword & buckler
Duel competition

No accommodation will be arranged by the event.

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