Vasaslaget 2019 Tournament Staff

If you are on this list read the instructions for tournament staff carefully and ask us if you wonder about anything. Tournament staff will have 100 SEK reduction on their fee per competition slot.

Some have been assigned roles they have not registered to. If you are assigned a role that you are not happy with please contact us and we will try to fix that.

We have designated referees to the duelling competition, but those refs should also be ready to step in as reserve judges in the competition running in parallel. If the duelling refs need to finish earlier (for example if they need to prepare for competing) they can do that. The fencers are then responsible to find referees for the duelling competition.

There might be changes made to this list, but you will be contacted before your role is changed.

Magnus Lundborg will be tournament manager for all the competitions.

Sword & buckler 08.30-10.30 Duelling 08.30-10.30
Referees Thomas Nyzell Referees
Andreas Isaksson
Isak Almqvist
Daniel Hambraeus
Eva Wei Secretariat Åsa Karlsson
Judges Ulf Lidsman
Lars Alexandersson
Stefan Myring
Secretariat Maria Löfqvist
David Kvist
Petter Eklund
Rapier 10.30-12.30 Duelling 10.30-12.30
Referees Björn Carlander Referees
Rickard Hadfy Högström
Thomas Nyzell Isac Cavallin
Eva Wei Secretariat Monica Ericsson
Judges Stefan Lindblom
Andreas Markehed
Patrik Jarenius
Secretariat Torun Sandström
Maria Löfqvist
Simon Annmo
Messer 13.00-14.00 Duelling 13.00-15.15
Referees Thomas Nyzell Referees
Alexander Olsson
Carl Ryrberg Stefan Myring
Håvard Eidheim Secretariat Monica Ericsson
Judges Jonas Eriksson
Martin Svedberg
Karin Westlund
Secretariat Maria Löfqvist
Henrik Persson
Ulf Lidsman
Longsword 14.00-17.00 Duelling 15.15-17.00
Referees Kristine Konsmo Referees Oskar Spjuth
Kristofer Stanson Jonas Eriksson
Håvard Eidheim Secretariat Petter Eklund
Judges (pool 1) Alexander Olsson
14.00-15.15 Rickard Vesterberg
Mattias Andersson
Judges (pool 2, elims) Andreas Isaksson
15.15-17.00 Mattias Brännström
Henrik Persson
Secretariat Maria Löfqvist
Gertrud Alinder
Robert Ringefors
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