Schedule Vasaslaget 2020

There can still be changes to the schedule. There will be an area for sparring during the whole event, but the size of it will vary depending on, e.g., the space required for workshops etc. The duelling competition will be run in designated parts of the sparring area (free to use for sparring if there are no duels). The duelling competition will run at the same time as the tournaments during Saturday (9.00-17.00 with a break for lunch).

Staff should be on site and ready 15 minutes before a tournament starts. Fencers should be ready for gear check 10 minutes before a tournament starts.

TimeLocation: Gamlishallen, Gamla Uppsala
20.00-22.30Preparing for tournaments.
9.00-10.30Sword & buckler tournament
10.30-12.00Rapier tournament
13.00-14.00Women’s Longsword tournament
14.00-15.10Open Longsword tournament (pools 1 and 2)
~15.10-16.20Open Longsword tournament (pools 3 and 4)
~16.20-17.00Longsword tournament: Eliminations and finals
18.00-20.00SvHEMAF annual meeting
20.00-Dinner in town
9.00-10.30Workshop: Montante with Rickard Vesterberg and Axel Burström
10.30-12.00Workshop: Rapier with Damian Matuszewski
12.00-13.00Wrestling competition
14.00-15.00Cleaning and leaving

Workshop descriptions:

(More information may follow.)

Rickard Vesterberg and Axel Burström (Uppsala historiska fäktskola) – Montante

Damian Matuszewski (Uppsala historiska fäktskola) – Rapier

Working with the true edge.

Required equipment: mask + rapier and a suitable glove. There will be a few rapiers to borrow on a first come first served basis.

Tournament schedule

The Rapier and Sword & buckler competitions at Vasaslaget 2020 will be Swiss-system tournaments. In the first round fencers will be randomly paired, trying to avoid bouts between competitors from the same club. In subsequent rounds competitors will be sorted according to performance to meet another competitor with the same score or as similar score as possible. Exceptions can be made to avoid that competitors meet each other more than once. Since there are no more than 16 fencers there will be four Swiss rounds. After the Swiss rounds the top 4 fencers will meet in semi finals and finals (including match for third place). It is possible that it will be decided that 8 fencers will be proceeding to eliminations. This will be announced no later than before the longsword tournament starts.

The Longsword tournaments (Women’s and Open) will be run as pools followed by eliminations. In the Women’s Longword all fencers will be in the same pool and the top four will proceed to eliminations. In the Open Longsword 16 fencers will proceed to eliminations.

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