Tournament Pools 2015

Pools were randomized until there were no more than two people from the same club in one pool. There are reserves for the longsword competitions who will replace if there are any cancellations.


The total top 16 fencers will qualify for the eliminations (round of 16).

Pool 1:

Mathias Landelius, UHFS
Robin Linander, Stockholms stigmän
Jonas Eriksson, MHFS
Olle Jansson, UHFS

Pool 2:

Anna Wärn, UHFS
Fredrik Sand Ekmark, Örebro HEMA
Michael Sprenger, Schwertspiel Dresden
Henrik Öhrström, Örebro HEMA

Pool 3:

Anders Forsberg, GHFS
Mikael Bergström, MHFS
Christer Ersson, Gävle HEMA
David Karlsson, UHFS

Pool 4:

Hannes Jarlmo-Måård, Örebro HEMA
Vincent Wendén, GHFS
Monica Ericsson, UHFS
Emil Busk Andersen, KHFK

Pool 5:

Peik Bäckström, EHMS
Mattias Andersson, Gävle HEMA
Henrik Persson, UHFS
Per Magnus Haaland, MHFS

Pool 6:

Patrik Jarenius, Stockholms stigmän
Maurits Johansson, GHFS
Tapio Väänänen, EHMS
Ingela Vretblad, UHFS

Sword & Buckler

Participants marked in red have not yet paid. If there are cancellations participants may be switched between the pools to keep at least 4 participants in each pool. The total top 4 fencers qualify directly to the quarter finals top 5-12 will have an additional round of eliminations, from which winners will proceed to the quarter finals.

Pool 1:

Thomas Nyzell, UHFS
Timur Tunovic, GHFS
Nils Lindqvist, MHFS
Gregal Vissers, FKFD

Pool 2:

Erik Sundberg, UHFS
Kristofer Stanson, Stockholms stigmän
Kristian Ruokonen, EHMS
Tomm Skotner, Oslo KdF

Pool 3:

Christoffer Warelius, EHMS
Andreas Markehed, MHFS
Mathias Landelius, UHFS
Mathias Bär, Schwertspiel Dresden

Pool 4:

Henrik Persson, UHFS
Robert Ringefors, UHFS
Morgan Hedström, MHFS
Staffan Sannemalm, Örebro HEMA


The final weight classes for the wrestling tournaments will be decided after weigh-in. The weight classes have been combined in pairs to get enough participants in each class. Names marked in red have not yet paid or not yet confirmed that they want to participate in combined weight classes. If there are only 2 participants in one weight class there will be a match, but no medals will be awarded. If there are only 3 participants in one class only gold and silver medals will be awarded. There are not enough participants in any weight class to have multiple pools and therefore there will be no specific eliminations to give as many matches as possible without repeating them. Everyone will wrestle the others in the pool and the total winners will be determined by the total results.

-61 kg

Katja Schindler, Schwertspiel Dresden
Sabine Bär, Schwertspiel Dresden
Monica Ericson, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola

61-70 kg

Fredrik Sand Ekmark, Örebro HEMA
Ingela Vretblad, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola
Johan Dahlberg, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola

70-84 kg

Niklas Mårdby, Göteborgs Historiska Fäktskola
Henrik Persson, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola
Martin Svedberg, Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola

84-120 kg

Staffan Sannemalm, Örebro HEMA

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