Schedule Vasaslaget 2016

There can still be minor changes to the schedule. There will be an area for sparring during the whole event, but the size of it will vary depending on, e.g., the space required for workshops etc.

Time Location: Fyrishov Hall B
17.00-19.00 Registration for tournament fencers (can also be done by email). Fee repayment for staff.
19.00-21.00 Workshop Rapier & dagger, Andreas Isaksson.
21.00-22.30 Training for judges and referees. Preparing for tournaments.
8.30-12.00 Sword & buckler tournament
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-19.00 Longsword tournament
19.00-20.00 SvHEMAF annual meeting (can start earlier if tournaments finish before)
20.00- Dinner in town
9.00-11.00 Workshop Montante, Emil Andersson.
11.00-13.00 Workshop Longsword, Axel Pettersson
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Tournament weapon auction, Cleaning and leaving

Workshop descriptions:

Andreas Isaksson (UHFS) – Rapier & dagger: One-tempo parry-riposte

The focus of this workshop will be on parrying with the dagger and wounding in one tempo.
Basic knowledge of rapier and dagger is preferable.


Rapier, dagger, mask, gloves and a fencing jacket.

Emil Andersson (MHFS) – Montante: Circles big and small

This class is going to look at the fundamental differences between using a greatsword against a single opponent and against multiple opponents. The focus will be on single combat and how to handle the montante or spadone with the three different joints of the arm: the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist. The material for the class will be taken from the Portuguese authors Figueyredo and Godinho as well as the Italian authors Di Grassi and Alfieri.


Required equipment is protective gloves and a mask. Recommended equipment is a throat guard and cup. No previous experience is required. For a training weapon you can bring either a suitable greatsword, a wooden staff of approximately 150-170cm length or a longsword. Some training weapons will be available to borrow during the class but depending on how many will attend the loaned weapons may need to be rotated around to ensure that everyone experiences the material with a proper weapon.

Axel Pettersson (GHFS) – Longsword: longsword fencing from Joachim Meyer’s manual from 1570

We will explore how Meyer looks at fencing and how he structures his teaching and theory by going through some of his examples. Light, technical and fun fencing that builds decision making and ”flow”.

Vi kommer att undersöka hur Meyer ser på fäktning och hur han bygger upp sin pedagogik och teori genom att gå igenom några av hans exemplifierande stycken. Lätt, teknisk och rolig fäktning som bygger beslutsförmåga och ”flow”. Mask och feder krävs, lätta handskar rekommenderas.


Mask and longsword feder are required. Light gloves are reommended.

Tournament schedule

Vasaslaget 2016 will be a Swiss-system tournament. In the first round fencers will be randomly paired, trying to avoid bouts between competitors from the same club. In subsequent rounds competitors will be sorted according to performance to meet another competitor with the same score or as similar score as possible. Exceptions can be made to avoid that competitors meet each other more than once. After five rounds the top 4 fighters will meet in semi finals and finals (including match for third place). There might also be quarter finals (top 8), but that will be decided at a later point in time.

This means there are no times when pools start. After each round of fights everyone will be assigned a new opponent and must be ready to fence.

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