Vasaslaget 2018

Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola is arranging Vasaslaget again. Like last year we will be in Gamlishallen in Gamla Uppsala, close to Uppsala Högar. There will be more details about the event posted, but so far it is decided that there will be a longsword competition (36 spots for those that have not reached the quarter finals in a competition open for men or men and women with at least 20 people in the last three years) as usual as well as a sword and buckler and a rapier competition (open for everyone), each having only 18 spots. The competitions will take place on Saturday 17th. We will also have workshops on Friday evening and Sunday morning and an area reserved for sparring all weekend.

The base price will be 300 SEK and an additional 350 SEK for each of the competitions. Tournament staff will be refunded 100 SEK for each tournament they work in.

Inspired by Battle of the Bridge in Örebro, this year tournaments will be run on three mats (8×4 m instead of 7×7 m) with one ref and one judge per mat.

Tournament rules will be posted soon. Most importantly, this year all equipment must be made for HEMA (or sports fencing). There is no formal 350 N requirement for jackets and trousers, but that is still recommended. Trousers must have a high waist.

The sword and buckler tournament will experiment with a different rule set to encourage fencing closer to the manuscripts. In short this means that we will (probably) award covering lines before attacking and attempting to control the opponents sword after a hit or attempt to hit. The rules are still subject to change.

Like last year we can unfortunately not arrange accommodation, since we are not allowed to sleep in the hall.

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Competition rules:
The schedule can still change, but is available here:
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