Brief Information in English

Uppsala Historiska Fäktskola (UHFS) means Uppsala Historical Fencing School. We train Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA); longsword, sword and buckler, rapier with and without dagger, sabre and historical wrestling. There are other weapons and traditions described in the historical sources, but we mainly focus on the mentioned fields.

We accept beginners to our trainings in September and January. 

The regular classes are listed in the schedule, but in short it is Sundays (sabre/rapier/sword & buckler, montante and longsword) 17.00-21.00 in Svandammshallarna, Mondays (free training) 20.30-22.30 in Svandammshallarna, Wednesdays (longsword) in Svandammshallarna 20.30-22.00. Information about equipment is currently available in Swedish, but contact one of the instructors for advice.